Working condition in Phillipine

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Aug 13, 2018 16:25
Today I took an online English class.
Today's teacher is Filipino. I heard from her that online English teacher was one of her part-time job. And she is working at hospital as physical therapist but it is volunteer, she can't earn any money through this job.
In phillipine, there are few jobs for women and they have to go out of their country for work.
Although she is 22 years old, she work as part-time job to earn lots of money for entrolling to USA university.
I was impressed her life and her situation because in Japan we don't need to go out of country for work. There are lots of work and most Japaneses don't have to use English or to communicate with forieners in their life.
But people in Phillipine have to study much because they get their work and for daily life.
Recently Japanese economic gradually be getting worse, and someday I guess we probably have to go out of Japan to find our work.
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