Marks and exams.

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Feb 18, 2017 06:44
It seems that lots of people agree to judge other people according to their marks.
The higher marks you get the more intelligent and smarter you are.
In my opinion there’s some truth behind because it’s obvious that good students are organized people, and that order they are used to makes them understand in a clearer way the concepts they have to acknowledge.
But this has nothing to do with intelligence, it has to do with organization.
When I was at 8th Grade in primary school I had a classmate who was troublesome, he was the kind of guy that would play truhant and smoke pot from time to time so his marks were the lowest, the kind of guy that looks to be wasting his youth, that kind of guy that would be framed by everyone as social scum.
I remember when we had a difficult Maths exam that almost everyone failed with lower marks, even nerds barely passed it, then, the teacher said his marks
He got 8 points to 10, the highest mark of the class, suddenly I looked at him, he seemed like he didn’t give a fuck about it, in fact he look like he was playing, like if it wasn’t a big deal for him.
I often asked myself what would he be able to if he took it serious?
It wasn’t until University that I understood this. I got pretty high marks in certain subjects even though I have the feeling that I don’t know nothing about it rather than other subjects I barely passed, what’s more I talked to other “brilliant” students about some subjects where they apparently did brilliant according to his marks then I realized they weren’t able to explain things I’ve been taught about in the same subject.
The C you get with some teachers is the A+++ you get with the others, and that’s how someone who get average marks can make better that someone who apparently got the best.

But according to her standards the A+++ guy will be the best.
You will notice someone did well because he got the place in X university, so he is a very smart person.
Well this is bullshit.

At the end the marks you get doesn’t reflect how smart you are but how good you are following the rules, and this is the reason why lots of “brilliant” people end up being lossers when it come the moment they have to start making and following their own rules.
Intelligence has more to do with future vision and creativity, it has to do with asking your own problems, and come up with alternative solutions and points of view no one could have had, And you guess what? These are the things no one can’t learn in school, neither university.