I'm back to this website again!

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May 29, 2019 20:28
Hello everyone, I'm back to this website again! My first time wrote down something here is about 3 years ago. Because my Japanese teacher suggests we try to write something and after someone who's a native speaker or good in Japanese/English help you revise it, then you can know the problem that in your grammar. I tried and wrote 4 dairies by used Japanese before. But I feel a little weird and shy. So I gave up quickly. But now I want to try it again. This time I will use English. Because someone whom I admire one is good in English. I want to close to him, so I think I need more and more practice. Hopes everyone can help me.I'll really appreciate for your help! And if you want to make a friend with me, welcome add me! I can help you if you want to learn traditional Chinese or everything about Taiwan :)
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