The Mismanagement

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Sep 23, 2019 06:56
The Mismanagement

When I was checking Twitter, a tweet from a Japanese woman working at a kiosk attracted me.

The article was about the World Cup Rugby match between South Africa and New Zealand the day before yesterday.

It is said that spectators at the stadium had their belongings inspected and all food (includes food for children) they brought with them were confiscated, children from various countries cried because they were hungry, and only sake was distributed on the conjecture to the sponsor beer company.

Some foreigners must have disliked Japan because of this mistake.

Unfortunately, the Japanese woman who was working at the kiosk could not speak English, but she was asked for an explanation by a frustrated foreigner who came to watch the game.

One of the reasons for the problem was that the stadium where the rugby match was held was originally a facility for soccer and lacked the know-how to host rugby.

The failure of the Rugby World Cup that she reported was a lesson for the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Food grudges are terrible.