Earth after 1000 years

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Nov 29, 2017 19:35
Earth after 1000 years

1.People can easily go to the moon or Mars.

2.Because the Earth is already poor weather, humans are living on other planets.

3.The time when hospitals and pharmaceutical companies make big profits will be over.

4.Humans will be able to choose the life of immortality or the life of less than 100 years.

5.Humans will communicate with animals by signal from their brains each other.

6.There will be a complete cure for cancer, AIDS, and incurable diseases.

7.The change in the concept of money will result in no people suffering from poverty.

8.The border will continue, but the offspring will not have to possess a passport.

9.People can move from New York to Asian countries within 30 minutes on the future.

10.Artificial uterus can be produced and men will experience pregnancy and childbirth.

11.Aliens of other planets and Earth humans will get marry.

12.Maybe humans will unnecessary to eat foods and drink fluid.

13.The automatic translation machine will even translate the rare dialects of people living in the Amazon basin into multiple languages correctly.

14.A small machine that recovers physical strength quickly will spread, so athletes will have more opportunities to work for a long time.

15.Since a massive war has occurred over the last 1000 years, the powerful power of the world government will not even allow small conflicts.