The Dilemma Case

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Nov 23, 2017 17:30
The Dilemma Case

To increase household income, Japanese wives wants to work.

If married couple had their children from 2 age to 5 years , they need to find a nursery school.
However, the problem of waiting list for nursery schools in large cities in Japan continue. Because the number of nursery teachers are very small.

Japanese nursery teachers wage is very little, someone who have qualification of nursery teacher don't want to work the job.They working another job. Also there are few willing to become a nursery teacher in Japan by the issue.

There are two options for couples who cannot find a nursery school now.
(1) Wife give up find a job and care their baby at home.
(2) She look for an unlicensed nursery school(But the price is expensive than licensed nursery)

However, even if a couple can put their child at a unlicensed nursery school, wife have to earn more to pay to nursery school.

Many Japanese companies are reluctant to employ married women. If the child of a female employee gets sick or problems occur at home, the frequency of absence is high.

The characteristics of Japanese society are inconvenient for women and children.