My change of thought about money

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Nov 10, 2017 05:51
My change of thought about money

i moved to Finland to study information engineering two months ago. As life goes on in Finland, I found my thought of money changed a bit. when I was in Japan, i always paid by cash, and i seldom use my credit card. i was frugal man, brought only a little money, and when I need a certain amount of money, I always went to bank and withdrew money. Indeed it might seem to be inconvenient, but actually I was afraid of spending too much money without realizing how much money did I use so far. some people say you can check your balance sheet of payment by using app, so you don't have to care about it, however i want to feel disappearing cash in my hand by using cash and some shop in japan cannot use a credit card, anyways I need to bring cash.

And I am now finally using a credit card in Finland. it is because almost of all people use credit card here so all shop can use it unlike japan. also withdrawal charge is more expensive than transaction by using a credit card. And I feel very convenient that I don't have to bring a heavy wallet, seldom go to bank or ATM, and no need to calculating when paying.

But using a credit card has only one problem. As i had feared , I have no feeling to pay when using it. I often spend more money than the one when I was in Japan even though money in my bank is less than before. i suppose the problem is when i paid, just show up message "approved" on the machine and I conform i surely paid but I need more function of telling me feel i spent money. Like when i paid, i can hear the sound of paying and check the parcentage I already spent this month on the paying machine. I downloaded tracking my money app though, I seldom see it because checking app feel a bit annoyed for me.

Companies always want customer to spend more money, so these kind of function could not be implemented, but I believe the life can become better if I can hear sounds and check my amount of money when using credit card.