Since I was a high school student, I have worried about my future l...

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May 18, 2018 15:59
Since I was a high school student, I have worried about my future life. Even though I tried to look for my dream all the time, i couldn't figure it out. Because I didn’t know that there is not any perfect job in the world.
So i changed the way to look for it. I started focusing on the reason why I want to get a job to make a lot of money. Why do I want to be rich? Because I thought it can guarantee my happiness.
But it was wrong. I realized that I would be happy if I can love my work not the money. After that, I could know about myself like what I like. And it was pastry. I am always happy and feel my heart beating when I see beautiful desserts beyond a showcase of pastry shop.
I decided to learn about Culinary arts in a university. But i failed to entrance into my goal university. It was a big shock to me and made me depressed. It was a first failure in my life.
Expecting to get back my enthusiasms and hopes, I went to Ireland. I believed that I can get through it by doing something which I had always wanted to do.
In practice, my life and thinking had been changed since living in Ireland. I could start seeing positive sides and appreciate what I have. And the learning is connected to my motive power for my internship in the US.
In the internship programme, I learned how much I love my colleagues not only just culinary skills. Also, It gave me a conviction about my patissier dream and got a hope to learn about pastry in France.