Write a letter to Newsweek's Editior giving your opinion on peo...

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Jan 6, 2015 03:40
Write a letter to Newsweek's Editior giving your opinion on people choosing their baby's gender.

Dear Editor,
I am a loyal reader of your daily newspaper and the topic of the last week issue left me perplex. According to the article, Science would enable people to choose the gender of their baby. As the cover was questioning us about our opinion, I took the liberty of writing you.
I do believe that leaving that choice to parents is senseless. I admit science allows progress and it’s a good point but there are so much diseases science should deals with instead of being focused on pointless inventions. Plus, that’s not because science makes it possible that it should be allowed.
Indeed, I believe that if one thing in particular should be left to chance, then the baby’s gender would be the one. It is in our modern world, a new thing: people always want their whims to be satisfied. It’s as if a baby was an item you could accessorized as you wanted to. But in this way, what comes after? Will we be able to choose the color of the eyes, of the hair, the features of the face, even the character? Don’t you think it goes too far? It’s obvious that this method raises a real ethic problem because it will certainly lead to abuses.