Essay: I apologizing enough to be forgiven?

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Feb 6, 2015 04:06
Essay: I apologizing enough to be forgiven?

It's written in human nature: nobody's flawless, everyone has a mean streak and that's why we make mistakes. Fortunately there's always a chance to make up for the mistakes you did and first, it is by presenting your excuses with your best words and your sincerity. But it doesn't mean that the people you make bad to have to accept your apologies. Is apologizing enough to be forgiven?

On the one hand, Aborigines were abducted from their family, detained, their culture was erased and they stay even nowadays left aside from society and that’s not to be taken lightly. Plus, we have to bear in mind that White people were conscious of what they made Aborigines gone through so it’s too easy just apologizing because even if they feel terribly regretful, it’s nothing in front of what they have made them endure. Moreover, it’s too late to undo the past now the damage is done. Infact, there’s no way apologizing can erase an entire part of the history.

On the other hand, apologizing is enough for daily life mistakes, petty things you don’t even do on purpose because. Infact, you don’t have to be resentful for small matters. If we take the example of the Aboriginal which is a huge matter, we have to bear in mind that grief slowly goes by as the generations are succeeding. Infact, only time can heal such a wound.

Conclusion: To my mind I think apologizing isn’t enough to be forgiven but it has to be done because you can’t just ignore a mistake you’ve done, you have to question yourself and apologizing means you’ve question yourself.