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May 11, 2010 15:52
Hello everyone!

I don't expect you to remember all my entries, but today's entry it's going to be about something I wrote some months ago.

I have to admit it, I'm very happy! Today I was able to obtain Benoît Pimont's music! I'd passed the last two years trying to download the soundtrack of "Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanite"... It was such a hard job, but today all my dreams came true! Now I can listen to every single song in this soundtrack as much as I want!

The method I used it's actually kind of lame, but who cares? It works!
So now, I'm going to share this with you. Maybe someday you could needit.

The only thing I had to do is to connect a cable that has in both sides the same head, and connect one into the microphone and the other one
into the headphones plug-in. So that, whatever I record it's going to be clean, that means, without any annoying noise!

Well, that's all for today, I hope to write something else later!