It is more important to work at a job that you enjoy than it is to earn a lot of money

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Nov 20, 2011 22:48
In the modern society, a sum of people suppose that money is the most significant material in their life and if this position could supply a lot of money become their best and only judgment to a job. However, I feel that get a job that making you enjoyable is more important that it is to earn a large amount of money. Although a lot of money is a advantage, a comfortable job will provide a wonderful circumstance that arousing your creativity and keep your mood in good condition everyday.
There are some minor merits to a job that supply a butt load of money. For example with using these money you can buy a lot of things attractive, such as a fashion Sony mp3 or a ipad, it’s a dream for many poor students, you even could pay money for a big house or repute car it maybe can make some people jealous but in fact there are a large number of things and dreams you can not get them from money, and They exactly is the most important things in your life, for instance creativity and self-achievement or good emotion.
Working at job that you enjoy can supply the best environment that arouses your creativity and ingenuity. When bill gates decided to drop off this university career and begin to organize his own company, the only reason is that devising computer program is his hobby and it makes him enjoyable. During the progress his creativity was aroused and he made a lot of evolution in software. He became a wild known billionaire and own the biggest software corporation today because he choose a job that he enjoy not a well pay position.
When you enjoy the high payment job, isn’t it thinking about how high pressures it well give you. In China, there are more that five thousand people suicide everyday just because of the pressures that the job bring to them. And you must suffer these from your colleagues, clients or bosses. On the other hand in enjoyable position you will be surrounded by conformable environment and have a good relationship with your partners and after working, you also could go to gym or karaoke with your colleagues, and receive the presents from your work partners at New Year day. A good mood could provide optimistic and positive attitudes to you and keep you from many diseases.
In general I argue for that it is more important to work at a job that you enjoy than it is to earn a lot of money. These minor advantages that well paid job gives you can not compare with you profit from a enjoyable job.