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Oct 6, 2017 20:43
Yesterday, we played soccer at UTHSC playground. We Nepalese working in St Jude’s Research Hospital and UTHSC play soccer on Tuesday. But, we did not play this week because most of our friends were out of Memphis to celebrate our big festival, Vijaya Dashami. Therefore, few of us played on yesterday, that is, Thursday with our American Friends. Most of the Americans who play on Thursday are at around 25-40 ages, and all are job holders. Yesterday, we were total 11 players in one game. It was fun. Among those, we only five were Nepalese. Mostly after we finish our game, we go to a bar to have drink and become more social each other. Yesterday, I was little busy so I couldn’t go. Next time, I will go for drinking on Thursday. I hope my dear reviewer will correct the grammar of my written entry with nice comments so that I can get chance to improve my English.
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