DAKARA - tentative translation for Japanese TV spot

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Nov 8, 2008 01:13 translation japanesecm
While I was reading my friends' and other people's journal entries, I was tempted to translate some J-pops into English =)
I have many favorite J-pop singers, but to translate their song lyrics into English are too challenging for me right now. So for the first step, I tried to start with this easiest jingle before I get down to real J-pop songs. This is my favorite TV commercial anyway(s?). I hope you enjoy this video!



I am concerned about dietary balance just in my mind.
I’m only concerned but just the same, I did nothing about it today as usual.

*そんな私は中からスッキリ DAKARA

A person like me needs something to clean up the body from inside – “DAKARA”

なんであんなに泣けたのか そしてはしゃいだのか

At that Mr. (or Ms.) Takeda’s going-away party,
Even though I wasn’t quite familiar with him/her, I shed many tears plus I was overly excited. I wonder why...


“おお、薄味もいけるな!” 結局おかわり

I made (cooked?) a bland soup to cut down on salt in my diet.
“Oh, this tastes good too.”
In the result, I had another refill of the soup.


♪Thank you always for reading, giving me advice and correcting my entries.♪