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Jan 17, 2016 13:23 ヨガのレッスン風景
I’ve been learning yoga since the summer of 2014.

I’m not good at any sports but I enjoy practicing yoga, and I think I’ll keep learning more.

No matter how busy and tired I am from work, I don’t want to skip yoga class.

One of the reasons I like going to the class is because our teacher is an attractive woman.

She looks young and charming, but when I was chatting with her a few weeks ago, she said “In my son’s elementary school…”

I had been thinking she was around 30 years old or younger, so I was surprised.

My daughter is in elementary school as well, so maybe our ages are not very different.

I felt even more motivated to think like that!

Students who come to our class are mostly women, but there are a few men too.

Sometimes the teacher let us work in pairs, but unfortunately one day, there was only a man in the class, so he worked with her.

I thought he was lucky because he was able to learn from such an attractive teacher directly, but when I looked at him, he seemed to be a little embarrassed.

It’s not often the case that teacher touches students’ body, but I have that experience several times.

Normally teacher touches students’ bodies to correct their poses when they are not in the right positions.

When she called my name toughing my body, I thought I was doing savasana (corps pose) and I I did nothing wrong with it.

("Savasana" is the pose like this. ⇒ )

It’s the last pose of our routine that we do for 3 - 5 minutes to cool down our bodies after the workout. I opened my eyes as she kept calling my name. Then I saw all the other students were already leaving the room.

I fell asleep before I knew it. I was so surprised and embarrassed that I jumped out of the room immediately. *~_~* Later on, I thought that the teacher must have been surprised too, but oh well…
自分でも気が付かないうちに眠っていたみたいです。本当にびっくりしたし恥ずかったので慌てて教室を飛び出してしまいました。先生も驚いていたに違いありませんが… *~_~* もう、しょうがないですね…。

I always have a class on Tuesday morning, but I start to feel a little excited by the time when Sunday comes.

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