Which way shows more kindness?

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Apr 7, 2016 12:46 「やさしさ」って、一体なんだろう
What would you do when your friend seem to be having a problem?

I’m often unsure if I should ask what happened to him/her or if I should pretend that I saw nothing and never mention about it from my side. Which is better caringness for them?

Of course I feel like asking something if they seem to have problems, but at the same time, I also think my asking for the explanation may bother them when they are trying to behave as normally as possible. It’s not that I’m indifferent, but I don’t think it’s possible to say so without letting them think about their problem too.

If the problem is really serious, and if the friendship is firm enough, I think not asking any questions is a way to show my respect to them.

The book I finished reading yesterday made me think such things again. (I may write about the book in my future entry.)

When I have a problem myself, I appreciate if my friends say that it’s okay to get it off my chest. Even if I don’t find any conclusions by talking, I find it comforting… so maybe I should do the same for them.

However, if I say from my experience, after I actually talked about my problem I often regret that I stole their time just because I wanted to feel better. I should always remind myself that friends’ minds are not dust bins to throw my negative emotions into.

Come to think of it, I don’t usually talk about things like this with my friends in real life. It can be a choice to use this place to vent my frustrations.

(To be honest, I think I’ve seen more than a few people using this site that way.)

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