Last week, I had receive an email

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May 16, 2018 18:36 "email" "help"
Last week, I had receive an email. This email is from the UK. It is about a woman asks me for help. She asks me to do her favour to help less privileged in my region by using her deposited. Because she is about dying, doctor said the chances to suvive is narrow. I refused her help, because I have no idea if it is true.
The second email she send me is talking about detail of her situation. She thanks my encouragement at first time. And she said that she doing this is all to satisfy her conscience. At the end of the second email, she want my personal information such as full name, phone number, sex and so on so that her lawyer contacts me and bequeaths $7.6 Million to me to help people in need. Still, I refuse her, cause I can't fully sure the truth of this information she told me. Even it is true, I can't help her to fullfil her last dream because I am only a student. But I am also afriad of letting her down. What if everything she told me is true, and she truly wants my help.
The feeling of guilty in my heart is raising. I really want to know if I was right.