I'm so starving.

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Aug 5, 2017 03:10
I'm so starving. I couldn't have a breakfast in the morning and I attended one on one lesson. The teacher and me were talking about company and our future. I love a kind of talking topics. I was excited when I talked. Because I'm a little bit afraid to challenge myself to new things.The reason why I'm imaging that If I made a mistake. I'm basically positive however, Recently I was afraid to challenge.
I've been thinking about move to another country in November. I'm at a turning point at the moment. I want to run company which is kind of Journey and fashion.
I want to go around all over the would on business. I know It's difficult for me to run company which I like my things.
By the way, The typhoon is likely to approach Japan and I'll attend to workplace meeting. I really want to improve our workplace environment.