I'm writing my journal in the library.

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Jul 5, 2017 09:26
I'm writing my journal in the library. you know what, I've been busying this week my work place because one of co- worker is going to take a vacation in Hawaii therefore I'll work instead of his work times."you give me some souvenir right?" I asked him. Actually, He is younger than me. He is 21 years old. And then, I said just joking .forget about souvenir for me. After all, I can't he to buy some souvenir for me , even If he is young. I have a pride. by the way, I want to support one of a my colleague who has been working for almost two months but he doesn't improve everything. I'm kind of worried about him because I want him to improve and help other members when we are busy time. If my workplace is busy we can't help each other. That's why we need to get good skills. I know he is clumsy which is getting understand. He isn't good at memorize. Of cause everyone as same as. when I worked first time and past a week. I also not good at memorize food recipe so I want him to make effort . I'm leader in my workplace right now but I don't want to look down my co- worker even I'm leader. Always, I want to talk and hearing some standard so I don't want to believe as If I was leader. To making good environment is difficult nationalities and personalities. I have to think of partner feeling. I think It will be benefit to my future. Anyways, I want to know and study more harder. I'll grinning while I'm thinking about If I get good English skills, I'm able to have a more experience and my thinking is more extend.