The protection of endangered animals today

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Jan 3, 2015 04:48
The number of endangered species has increased in the last years. Animals like koalas, polar bears, panda bears, lynxs can disappear, for this reason is necessary to find a solution.
In my opinion, is very important to keep the balance of the ecosystem.
Millions years ago, a lot of creatures death because of the glaciations. Hundreds years ago, when one animal specie disappeared new one appeared in the world, so that the ecosystem went on keeping the equilibrium.
At present, the balance is broken. The number of animals that are dying is more than the number of animals that are being born.
This imbalance is caused by the global warming, hunting, pollution, habitat destruction, all of them are responsibility of the humans. For this reason, we have to find the solution and we have to work in it.
Wildlife reserves are making a good job but much of them are in countries with weak and corrupt governments. Without a doubt, this wildlife preserves should receive more support of the international community.
To sum up, is also important to advocate for policies that support a greater awareness of the environmental impact.