Kokoro Machi (心待ち - Being Eagerly Waiting)

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May 24, 2019 21:12 English essay
Kokoro Machi

Have you ever been eagerly waiting for something?

To describe such a situation, you can use the Japanese term 'kokoro machi' (心待ち).

Since 'kokoro' (心) means "heart" and 'mati' (待ち) means "to wait," the combination 'kokoro machi' literally means "to wait something heartily."

In actual situations, it is often used as 'kokoro machi ni suru' (心待ちにする) by combining with 'suru' (する - "do").

[Example] 'Kanojo to au no wo kokoro machi ni suru' (彼女と会うのを心待ちにする - "I look forward to meeting my girlfriend").



「心」は "heart"、「待ち」は "to wait" を意味するので、「心待ち」は "to wait something heartly" という意味になります。

実際には、"do" を意味する「する」と組み合わせて、「心待ちにする」のように使います。