Dokuha (読破 - Reading Through)

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May 17, 2018 22:02 Egnlish essay
When expressing that you finish reading a difficult book or a very long novel, you can use the Japanese word dokuha (読破).

Doku (読) means "reading" and ha (破) usually means "breaking/spoiling something."

On a Japanese question forum webpage, I found that people argue that we should not use "dokuha" when expressing fining reading a book.

To tell the truth, they knew only the common meaning of the kanji 破.

However, 破 has other lesser-known meanings, like "trying everything" or "carrying through."

Of course, dokuha doesn't imply to break a book -- it just means to read through a book.


「読」は "reading" を意味しますが、「破」という漢字は通常「破る」や「だめにする」、すなわち "breaking/spoiling something" を意味します。




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