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May 23, 2019 07:02


子供の頃は、私が歌ったときの歌詞だけで星について知っていました。時々は、不用意に見上げると、いくつかの星を見ましたが、私は本当に座って静かにそれを見だことは決してありませんでした。その夜もまだ雲がありました。 でも、初めて、私は星が空に輝いているのに気づきました。素晴らしかったです。



Can people who live in modernity really not see the stars? At a friend's gathering party a few days ago, we asked each other when the last time we saw stars in the sky was. I don’t remember when that was either. If I really have to say it, that should be in the Mid-Autumn Festival last year.

I remember that the weather was not too good that night. Some fragment pieces of cumulus clouds covered most portion of the sky. Even the moon was just shy and only revealed half of her face. Fortunately, after midnight, the clouds gradually went home, and a few brighter stars came out for a walk. When I was a child, I knew about stars only in the lyrics that I sang. Even if I accidentally looked up and saw a few stars, I never really sat down and watched them quietly like that. It was still cloudy that night. But for the first time, I noticed the stars shining in the sky. It was great.

The stars are so far away from me, but they have been living there faithfully. As soon as you look up, you will know where they are. It seems like they are guarding me, and will never betray me. That is also true between the stars. It’s really incomparable trust to be able to guard each other for tens of billions of years. When you put your hand up front, seems to be a palm away, in fact, the two stars are very far away to each other. Imagine many lonely years of traveling from one planet to another. How many stories of sadness and joy will be written?

I don't know when these shining stars began to shine. Will there be another person after many years, looking up at the same star? Would he ask the same thing and make the same wish? I keep asking myself the same question. Our life is so short relative to the time of the entire universe. When I look up at the stars in the distance, will there be someone on the planet looking up at me? If I don't let myself shine, how can I make this person notice my ever existence? So just let us shine.
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