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Mar 28, 2019 07:03



最後に、顔は栄光の象徴を持ち、名誉の表れです。誇りに思うようなことをするとき、私たちは頭を上げ、顔を見せます。反対に、恥ずかしい気持ちにさせるようなことをした場合は、当然自分の顔を隠したいと思うでしょう。それは私の父が言っていたことで、家族の顔がつぶれることをさせないでください、意味は同じです。簡単に言えば、それは「メンツ 」です。

顔については、さまざまな意味、色々な機能や症状のすべての種類があります。当然のことですが、人々によって価値は異なります。それは人にとって最も重要なことであるとも言えるかもしれません。若い女性は顔にどんなお金を費やしても構わないと思っています。男性は自分のメンツ を保つために自分の人生で守るでしょう。脳に加えて、顔は最も高い位置にあります。人間の顔は本当にそのようなものでしょうね。

Happy faces, sad faces, doubtful faces, innocent faces..., humans use their faces to express their emotional and psychological state. When our mood changes, the easiest thing is to show it on the face immediately. Express your feelings with different expressions, so that people around you can feel it moderately. I think this is human nature, an innate instinct, and sometimes also our right.

Faces can be used not only to express emotions but also to show the ages. For example, the face of an old gentleman, the face of a young lady, or the face of a baby. Traces of the years that can't be hidden, tell others that it is a life experienced, respectable face, a face that is full of dreams and ideas, or a naive face that is full of curiosity.

Gradually we grow up, and we have a lot of nostalgia followed. There are always many memories hidden in the depths of our heart. When you are sad, think about the kind face of your mother. When you are in a desperate situation and encounter difficulties, please don’t forget your father’s confident face. When you are lonely, you may think of the faces of former friends. When you are striving for knowledge and studying hard, you will think of the face of a teacher or someone who has helped you. Those are memories that cannot be taken away. For us, it is the mysterious power guarding behind us.

Finally, the face has a symbol of honor and is a manifestation of reputation. Honor and reputation performance. When we do something that will make you proud, we will raise our chins and show our faces. On the contrary, if you do something wrong, you naturally want to hide your face. That's the same meaning of what my father used to say, “Don't let our family lose our face.” Simply put, it is "dignity".

About the face, there are all kinds of different meanings, various functions, and manifestations. Naturally, it has different values for different people. It may be said that it is the most important thing for people. A young woman is willing to spend money on her face. Men will even defend themselves with their lives in order to maintain their dignities. In addition to the brain, the face is in the highest position. The human face is really an interesting thing.