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Feb 21, 2019 08:09


Violent Games

It has been raining for several days in the past few weeks. When I think about it, there is really no place to go when it rains. After talking with a few classmates, everyone thought that it was the best thing to play video games at home on a rainy day. This reminds me of a controversial topic in the school debate club. The teacher asked us to debate whether students should play violent video games. The answer to this question for me was originally very simple. But the problem was that I was responsible for explaining the reasons why we can play. So I said the followings.

Modernity is the era of knowledge explosion, and students' learning pressure is getting heavier and heavier. In order to avoid more and more people getting mental illness, there should be a way to release emotions. Second, because everything in the games is virtual, so what you do when you vent your emotions do not really happen in real life. Simply speaking, all violence is fake. Also, when we are enjoying each other's violence, we won't really get hurt. When playing violent video games, people who are injured or dead can come back to life, and there is always a chance to start over again. This is something that real life can never do. Finally, have you ever thought about tying those who want violence to the computer? Then these people will not go outside to run around, which can make this society more secure. Parents won’t need to worry about the safety of their children anymore. As children grow up, they will naturally understand the right and wrong. Therefore, violent games actually have little influence on people’s growth. Human beings have conscience and wisdom. There is no doubt about this issue. This is why I think schoolchildren can play violent games.

Thank you, teacher, for giving me this problem—a difficult topic. But I can take this opportunity to think about things in a different standpoint of view. This is also an opportunity to train our own thinking skills. It’s still raining outside, but I can’t go out when I want to. Do I want to just try and play some computer games? Forget it, I'm just going to write something like usual.