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Mar 1, 2018 10:10
私は春が大好きです。春は一年を通して私の好きな季節です。私が「春」という言葉を聞くたびに、花が咲き、彼らの個性的な外見とかおり を思い出させます。時には私が何らかの理由で気分を落としているとき、私はみじめさを私の心から取り除くために花を見る。このようなものは、すべての花が咲いた春にのみ作用します。

私は蝶も思い出しています。蝶は本当にきれいです。あなたは何時も、彼らが咲いた花に座っているのを見ることができます。いろいろな蝶がたくさんあります。彼らはさまざまな形と大きさで来る。私の好きな蝶はパイオニア・ホワイト (Belenois aurota )です。それは翼の色が本当にかわいらしく簡素に見えるので、たいてい私に平和を思い出させる。

春は私にも美しい思い出を思い出させる。私が小さな子供で季節が何だったのか分からなかったとき、私が最初から今までに学んだ日本子供の歌は "春が来た"でした。「春が来た、春が来たどこに来た?山に来た、里に来た のにも来た」。これは私が一番覚えている歌です。父とピーター・F・シャバルム地域公園にいて、咲く桜の行と列の下にピクニックをしていた春、私にこの歌を教えてくれました。


My Spring

I love spring. Spring is my favorite season of the whole entire year. Every time I hear the word "spring", I think of flowers bloom which reminds me of their unique appearance and smell. Sometimes when I am feeling down for whatsoever reason, I look at flowers to get the unhappiness from my mind. Such things only work in spring though, when all the flowers have bloomed.

I also think of butterflies. Butterflies are very pretty. You usually see them in the spring, resting on the bloomed flowers. There are so many different types of butterflies. They come in different shapes and sizes too. My favorite type of butterfly is the Belenois aurota. It reminds me most of the peacefulness because the colors of the wings look really pretty and plain.

Spring reminds me of beautiful memories too. When I was a little kid and didn’t know what the 4 seasons were yet, the first Japanese children song I ever learned was the song "Spring Has Come". "Haru ga kita, haru ga kita dokoni kita? yamani kita, satoni kita nonimo kita". This is a song that I remember the most. My dad taught this song to me in the spring when we were in Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park and having a picnic under the rows and rows of blooming cherry blossoms.

It happens every year that I know and we get lots of plums and peaches several weeks after the cherry blossoms bloomed. That is because my grandmother likes to plant fruits trees. She likes peaches and plums very much but, will pick the ripest and juiciest ones and give them to us. Sometimes if there are too many, She will pickle them first, and then give them to us. That is truly grandmother's love.

The spring is like a mother of nature, kind and nice. To me, all my memories in spring are sweet and warm. Therefore, that makes me love spring so much.

She likes peaches and plums very much but, will pickle them and give them to us.