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初めまして、Eagle Eyeと申します。2015年にLang-8に、そして2016年HiNativeに登録しました。学習が好きで、何を勉強しても、自己修養になると思っています。とくに言語と歴史的題材と旅行に興味を持っていて、まだ知らないものを機会さえあれば自分で研究して、新しい知識を身につけようとしています。分からないことがまだいっぱいですが、調べながら更に視野を広げたいと思います。Lang-8とHiNativeあるこの時代は、海外の人々と簡単に繋がれれて、お互いに勉強できるなんとも素晴らしい時代だと思います。できた友達ともっと交流して、もっと積極的に投稿の内容を添削したいなあと思っていますが、Lang-8とHiNativeにしょっちゅういるときもあれば、長い間全然ログインしないときもあるので、添削できないこともあります。前もって、ご容赦ください。



Howdy, my name is Eagle Eye. I'm on Lang-8 since 2015 and in 2016 I signed up with HiNative. I like studying a lot and I think with whatever one studies, it helps to foster self-cultivation. I have a particular fondness in languages, traveling and historical topics. Whenever time permits and I have muse, I like to research on things I don't know much about yet and while doing so I try to expand my horizon in many directions. In the age of Lang-8 and HiNative, it seems to be the easiest thing to get in touch with people all around the world and study together. Aren't these exciting times we are living in! I wished I could more actively exchange and help friends with correcting their posts, but while there are times I'm frequently on Lang-8 and HiNative, there are also longer periods I don't login at all during, so won't be able to support with corrections. Pardon in advance.

Then, as for friend requests and random messages, please note that if I receive requests from someone I have never interacted before on the platform, I possibly won't react. Please acknowledge that beforehand.

That's all for my introduction so far. Let's give our bests studying together!