Japanese has three types of writing form.

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Nov 5, 2015 22:58
I'll tell you about Japanese language. We have three types of writing form. They are hiragana, katakana, and kanji. You already know that. Hiragana is, for example, あ, い, う, え, お. Katakana is for example, ア, イ, ウ, エ, オ. Kanji is, for example, 漢字. Hiragana and Kanji are the letters made from Kanji. There are 50 letters in Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji is originally from Chinese letters. Each Kanji has its own meamings. But a letter of hiragana and Katakana doesn't have its own meanings. For example, rain is 雨 in Kanji. This is one word which has the meaning as rain. But we can also write あめ and アメ. These are Hiragana and Katakana which are not able to tell what they mean. Because we call "rain" 雨. And we call "candy" あめ. They are the same sound but they aren't the same meaning. I think it' s not easy to explain about three types of Japanese charactors. Why? Because I'm Japanese. I have never thought about them deeply.