My Memories in Child Days 2

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Nov 13, 2010 10:14
It was my birthday on 21, July when I was a second-year pupil. My father brought me to a mountain, 10 kilometers from my home, to catch stag beetles. We cought a lot of stag beetles. At that time, my father said to me, "Don't go there by yourself". I couldn't stop my feeling like I really wanted to go there by myself. Next Saturday, I headed there with my friend by bicycle. On the way to the mountain we saw hundreds of craws and came across tens of cows crossing the load. It was very exciting for us. It was somewhat of an adventure. At last, we reached our goal. We were very glad to catch more 50 stag beetles. And then, we headed to our home. It was very long way, 10 kilometers, for a second-year pupil to return home. I think it took us two or three hours to get home. On getting home, it was almost ten o'clock at night. My pearents got very angry when I got home. They worried about us a lot. And I involved my friend in an adventure. It exceeded my imagination. My mother exploded with anger and hit my head. Since then, she often says to me, "You are a bullet".
Thank you for your reading my essay. Please correct my English if it doesn't bother you.