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Dec 1, 2016 17:16
I'm really a lazy person. I don't like doing dull things. Today, however, I decided to keep writing in English every day. Because I really want to use English more comfortable. What I need to practice English are... 1)Speaking English, 2)Writing English, 3)Practice English-Q&A, 4)Reading English, 5)Listening to English including watching DVDs, and so on. The most important thing that I need to practice speaking English is to think English, to make English sentences and to speak English by myself. Writing English is useful for me to practice English by myself.
This morning, I saw a movie about Mr. Yasukouch at my office. He speaks English really fluently. He is really a good speaker of English. I've never seen such a great teacher of English. I was very surprised and encouraged by him. I didn't have strong mind to keep using English until today. But now I changed my mind. I decided to use English a lot every day. First of all, I always bring my notebook with me in order to write what I think in English every day. Then, just keep writing English. There is no difficulty to do that. Just use English every day.
One more thing, I had better to post my writing on Lang-8. I don't need a lot of time to do that. In order to keep writing English, I should read something in English. I should search a topic which I like on the Internet. If I find a topic I like, I will make a story easier. When I write something in English, I need some ideas or impormation. Anyway, I will keep using English every day. Enjoy English!