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May 11, 2015 03:39

Global warming is causing major changes in our world. Animals and plants are trying to live with these changes. If we don’t do anything to stop the speed our planet is heating up, many of these species will become endangered or even extinct!. Besides, this global warming is already causing changes in the weather all over the world. Scientists say that if ice melts, temperature will rise and the ice caps at the North and the South melt and sea levels rise further, many towns and villages near the cost will be flooded. This is the case of Venice which is flooded a little more day a day, in fact, a lot of people think that the water will rise another 20cms in the next 50 years. This will affect to all these beautiful buildings found there which will disappear if somebody doesn’t do anything soon to avoid it. This will affect to the rest of the world’s population who live near the coast.
However, there is a lot we can do to save energy at home. We can turn off TVs, DVD players and computers when we don’t use them. Drying clothes in the sun instead of the drier or trying to use rechargeable batteries instead buying new ones when yours don’t have any energy, they are highly toxic. Also we can recycle many things like magazines, newspapers and mobile phones. Recycling paper saves hundred of trees a month. If we plant trees, we will reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and if we stop cutting down trees, we will save our habitat. With reference to the plastic, we use about 15 million plastic bottles a day and the problem with this material is that if we don’t recycle it, it can take up to 500 years to break down. Furthermore, if we don’t leave taps running and we have showers instead baths, we will save water. We can also, use some rubbish such as vegetable or fruit peelings to make compost. If we all help, the amount of rubbish will reduce.
In my case, I always try to contribute to save our environment recycling all that I can like paper, cans, cartons of milk, bottles of water, glass and so on. For this reason, I have different bins at home to separate and after take them to the street containers. Also, as I mentioned before, I try to do all things that can save energy, like turn off all the lights that I don’t need or having showers instead baths. This is my little contribution.
I think that the Government would have to take into account the serious problem that our planet is suffering and taking measures as soon as possible. They musn’t forget the lives of many people and species of the nature are in danger.