A terrible day

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May 22, 2015 20:20
A terrible day

I was playing volleyball with my classmates in the playground of my high school. I jumped for the ball and collided with another player. Suddenly, I began to feel a terrible pain in one of my fingers and it was swollen. I told my teacher, she examined it and told me “ don’t worry, everything is okey”, then I went out of the school and , after a while, I began to feel dizzy, confused, I had a terrible pain in one of my fingers and besides, it was swollen and a little brushed. I lost my sight, I couldn’t see anything, then, my friends called my parents and the took me to the hospital. When I got there, the doctors decided to arrange x-rays to see if I had any bone broken. At the end, my ring finger was broken and they had to put a plaster on it. I need several weeks to get better. The doctor also prescribed me some tablets to calm my pain during few days.