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Jan 19, 2010 11:57
I thank you to correct.

Thank you for telling me some infomations about India.It's attract me there will be variable things in India.Incredible scenes will give Japanese wide vision about the world.Japan is an island country. I really admire your insight about the national character.
>Vietnamese say what they think without hesitation open hearted but sometimes what they say may hurt others so comparing its better not to say anything which makes others hurt and Japanese are well in that. (Once when I was travelling in HCMC some stranger who was travelling in the bus with me told I look fat). He opened his mind without any hesitation but I think its impolite to say what you think sometimes its not good for everyone. So I feel Japanese people are passive to show their politeness.
It's important to open mind.But,sometimes It's important not to anythig.I think It's difficult to use right behavior in the right place.
Anyway,to respect other cultures is important.So I think you have great view. I want to see good point in many culture.