Do white women like Japanese men?

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Jan 19, 2010 23:47
I'm not a racist at all.
But I have one secret in my heart.
I want to have a white girlfriend at least once in my lifetime.

I know many white guys have Japanese girlfriends.
Also, I know that many Japanese guys have Asian girlfriends.
But as for me, I want to spend time with white chicks.
I know it's far from easy.

Some of them think that Japanese guys are shy and not romantic.
And you know what? That's true!

But I hope some of them are interested in Japanese guys.
I do really hope.

Do you think white women in Japan are interested in having Japanese boyfriends?

I want to know the truth.
You don't have to lie.
No flattery is needed.

And if you yourself want to have Japanese boyfriend, just give me a message.
I am the one you are looking for. :)
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