Finding a girlfriend at "Goukon"

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Sep 19, 2008 17:45
I went to a "GOUKON" (合コン), a Japanese drinking party where male and female joined to look for their partner.

There are many rules for GOUKON. Those are very important if you have a chance to visit Japan.
Let me introduce them to you.

In GOUKON, the number of male and female should be usually same. Mostly, the number of total participants is 6 or 8, although it can be varied.

"KANJI" plays important role in "GOUKON".
"KANJI" (幹事) is a kind of organizer and a leader of each group. (Though it sounds same as the word for 'Chinese character', it has the different meaning.) Male KANJI and female KANJI gather their friends who want to meet new people.
Male KANJI should book a pub that offer good price and has good atmosphere for drinking.
KANJIs tell the place and the time to the member of each group.

When GOUKON starts, male and female should sit one after the other. This rule encourages participants to talk with the other group.
This rule is very popular and female team usually sit along the rule without telling to do so.
However, sometimes they sit together because they don't want to be thought as a party-animal and they don't want male to realize that they know GOUKON rule very well. If that's the case, you should ask female participants to sit separately.

You can talk freely at GOUKON except the time for self-introduction. At the self-intro time, you should listen to the person who is doing self-introduction and ask some questions to the person to express that you are interested in him or her.
After all participants finish the self-intro, you can talk to the person who is sitting near you.

At the end of GOUKON, male participants should ask females their phone number and e-mail. I recommend you to ask to all women even if you are not interested in some women. Because if you don't ask someone's phone number, that can hurt their feeling.
So, even when you don't talk to someone very much, you should ask her number. She won't refuse to tell the number.

If you like some participant, you can ask her (or him) a date after the GOUKON.

Now, you know how GOUKON is done.
If you want to join it, I can be a KANJI for you!