Can Japan be called a democratic society?

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Aug 10, 2018 18:18 (98)(Ⅱ)
I think that Japan can be called a democratic society. Some people agree with this, whereas others disagree with it. I would like to explain my opinion from two perspectives. One is how society has changed about this issue, and the other is of a possible counterargument.

Firstly, our society has experienced great changes recently. It is necessary to change our way of thinking in accordance with how society changes. In fact, Japan has not adopted slavery till now. In all democratic societies, people are regarded equally, but the position like slave has ever existed in other countries.

Secondly, everyone has different positions and experiences. It is wiser to consider opinions from different viewpoints before making a decision than to ignore them. Certainly, Japan has kept monarchy since the mythological age. Japanese society did not select establishment of a republic like America. Everyone can become a person of influence. This means that everybody has a right to participate in politics.

In conclusion, for these reasons, I think that Japan can be called a democratic society. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to make a consensus in the society about this issue.

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