The role of environmental action group

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Dec 13, 2014 15:56
Environmental action groups like Green Piece and UNEP(United nations Environmental Program ) play a vital role in the world today. Some people agree this, whereas others tend to disagree. I think that the environmental action groups should play a big role in the world for the two following reasons.
First, environmental action groups need to continually monitor and disseminate information to the rest of the world. There is no other way of receiving information about what multinational companies are doing to the ecosystems of poorer developing nations. For example, Mexico has only one landfill site and cannot afford to enforce laws that say that foreign companies must take their toxic water back to their own countries. An environmental watching can ensure that these laws are being adhered to. I think that the environmental action groups should watch out for the wrong doings to the environment and announce them all over the world.
Second, domestically, environmental action groups must lobby government and private business to ensure that they do not pursue projects that are demanding to the environment. For example, Nature Japan, an environmental lobby group succeeded in forcing Aichi Prefecture to drop a controversial plan to build a housing development and facilities for the 2005 world Exposition. I think the environmental action groups should work as a lobby body in order to pressure a government to stop the wrong doings to the environment.
In conclusion, the two reasons are the dissemination and the lobby body.