Should Japan rethink its relationship with the United States?

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Nov 8, 2018 05:16 Essay-new-version(17)
It is true that Japan and America are in a friendly state after the Second World War. In my opinion, Japan should not rethink its relationship with the United States.

Firstly, there is few possibility of the considerable increase in defense spending. Actually, about one percent of gross national product equals defense cost. Accordingly, it is challenging for Japan to defense her territory by herself without American military forces in Japan.

Secondly, Japan has not processed the perfect air defense force since 1945. In fact, the development of domestic fighter was limited by America. Additionally, there are several hostile states that are North and South Korea, China and Russia. Two of them that are China and Russia have tried to over fly in air space. It is requisite for Japan to depend on proposing possible areas for joint development with America.

Finally, there is the history that Japan and America has been closest allies despite long distance each other. Since signing a peace treaty in 1951, the two countries have worked toward the achievement of peace and stability. The relation is not the one Japan has with Russia or both North and South Korea.

   In conclusion, for these reasons, there is no need to change relationship with America. I believe that Japan should not think again its relationship with the United States.