Agree or disagree: World poverty can be eliminated $11(3a)

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Jan 10, 2015 00:17
     Some people say that world poverty can be eliminated, whereas others tend to disagree with this statement. I think that world poverty are capable of being eliminated for the following three reasons.

      Firstly, spread of education in developing countries should be changed by drastic measure. In additionally, the people there should know that child labor has to be banned. In a developed country, it is abandoned by the government rigorously. It is also necessary to have a chance to go to school to all children in developing nations.

     Secondly, technical assistance is needed to develop all industries in developing countries. The more developing industries are, the more increasing the chances are to work for enjoying amenities of life. Technical consultation enables these nations to prepare for working places there.

Thirdly, the United Nation should have a role to support for politically correct society. For example, The U.N has to sponsor for the developing countries and to watch out for their election. These helps are useful for them to become nations like the developed countries.

     In conclusion, the three reasons for world poverty being able to be eliminated are spread of education, technological assistance and help of the United Nation. I believe that world poverty will be capable of being eliminated from by these assistance of developed countries.
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