Agree or disagree: A college education is necessary for everyone?$11(1d)

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Jan 6, 2015 10:43
Some people say that a college education is not necessary for everyone, whereas others disagree with this. I think that it is not essential for everybody to attend college education for the following three reasons.

Firstly, costs of a college education are not always low in some countries. In most cases, study in college requires students to buy a lot of expensive books in some developed countries. It is difficult for the average to go to college in a developed country.

Secondly, some jobs need to train themselves on-the job training. They don’t have to require people to go to college to learn the skills. Many workers must learn many techniques for becoming a full-fledged person. Such jobs like sushi chef exist in Japan.

Thirdly, personal goals should admit of being selected by respective decisions. A person knows well about one’s identity. It is not easy for others to counsel about the life. Therefore, people should not interrupt if a person proceeds to higher education.

In conclusion, the following three reasons for college education being unnecessary for everyone are costs of a college education, on-the job training and personal goals. I believe that a college education is not necessary for everyone for these reasons.