Uncomportable Personality.

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Jun 25, 2011 01:17

I've got a personality which I can't easily turn down when asked to do other's favor.

however, sometimes there are something I have to handle urgently.

For example I have a test in a week, and I should focus on it for sure.

Unfortunately, one of my friends says he needs my help, but it seems I can handle it that quickly.

One way, I know I have to refuse it, oneway, I already think about how much time do I spare to do his favor.

sometimes they use me intentionally even though they can do it themselves, but the only reason that they ask me to do that is that it's annoying.

Do I care so much about managing good image that they have of me has been damaged so that I got to miss important things for myself?

maybe I am afaid of showing my candid aspect to them or I'm lacking courage to say "no" to other people.

I hope my reaction is normal and I am not the only one who agonizes over this sort of issue.

Oh...what's going on with me? Do I need some practice to say "No".
Is there any wise way to turn down other people's favor without hurting their feeling.