The Things I`m Not Allowed From Now On.

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Dec 3, 2012 23:18
Drinks, being under stress, lack of sleep, sauna and workout until sweating.
These things are not allowed to me any more since I went to a new dermatologist today.

I realized how much my skin condition was terrible when I read my doctor`s face.
Maybe, I was a girl who had a red pumpkin head instead of human beings`at the moment.

I wished he had reassured me about my skin problem but he didn`t.
"You should take care of you skin condition. It`s just like allergic reaction. Imagine if you were allergic to peaches, you can`t eat them due to the reaction. Right?
You can`t be free from the symptom because it`s your physical constitution. It`s a same thing".
Unfortunately, I`m allergic to peaches too.

I could take my doctor`s advice, especially the last one, avoiding to exercise. Definitely I don`t like it.
On the other hand, it sounds like 'mission impossible' to prevent myself from drinking. It`s my favorite. How could I forgive the sheer joy of hanging out with my friends with pork B.B.Q and soju or drink a bottle of cold beer while watching a TV show?

However, I should do take my doctor`s advice unless I want to be a read pumpkin head girl.

Oh, I`m definitely in the condition of suffering from stress!