Sense of Inferiority ?

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Dec 2, 2012 00:09
"You look quite chubby! I should better get rid of belly fat!"

My dad bluntly criticized my appearance while I was eating my dinner at the buffet restaurant. It was totally humiliating even though considering my father`s personality which is far from something delicate and sophisticate.

My face have been swollen during this whole week due to an atopic dermatitis.
It turned to red and there are rashes either.

Unfortunately, my dad didn`t know how much I have been suffering from the terrible skin problem. He just thought that I gain weight (of course I got fat though).

I lost my appetite. I stopped eating the rest on my plate but dad criticized me again, which was quite hard to stand. My brother explained why my face turned red and swollen. 'It is the time for coffee!', I thought and then I sneaked out of the table to go to a coffee machine while they are having a good conversation.

I went to the dessert section and then I realized that I was the ugliest woman in the place. Girls around me were quite looking good with beautiful outfits. They put on perfect make up either.

After the dinner, things got worse. I felt sort of sense of inferiority when I was in the hotel lobby waiting my brother drove his car. There were two woman wearing luxurious clothes. they were slim and beautiful whereas my wore baggy jeans, shirts and sneakers without make up.

Um... I should take my father`s advice after I cope with this terrible skin problem.