Cream Stew and "深夜食堂"

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Dec 9, 2012 01:51
I love the Japanese TV program titled "深夜食堂" (I don`t know the English title of the program though).
I have watched it at least 5 times.

One of the series of the program, there was an episode about cream stew.

I wondered about the taste while I was watching, so I bought a pack of instant cream stew when I traveled to Tokyo last time.

It was chilly outside when I came back home after work. I reminded I still have the instant cream stew powder. "It`s a perfect day for cream stew!" I thought.

I made it by myself even though I didn`t know how to make it. I didn`t understand
the recipe written in Japanese on the package. I just made it with my intuition and memory from the TV program.

To conclude, I`d better eat cream stew in the restaurant instead of making it
by myself. The taste was not good enough as much as what I expected.

Next time, I will just make spaghetti with salted pollack roe and cream source.
I`m lost in love with the spaghetti nowadays.