The Pressure

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Sep 19, 2012 21:08
Sometimes I feel like going somewhere people don`t know when I feel the pressure.
I usually try to avoid the situation and delay my responsibility until the due date I have to submit it.

Actually I have to complete 3 kinds of short articles in Korean until tomorrow morning. I should research the information for the articles now, but I`m writing this journal instead of my job. I feel kind of pressure and it makes me
prevent from concentrating on it.

At the first stage my team member and I discussed the new project yesterday,
I thought it was not a big deal and so I even volunteered that I will write the articles!

However, my enthusiastic attitude got ruined after my boss informed me about the complected relation among colleagues and how the works will proceed.
He also explained to me all about it personally, which meant he definitely expected me do something in which I will work with my team member together for a while. It made me scary because I`m not good at the delicate politics in workplace. I became scary stiff when I confronted the situation.

Of course it is not serious. Everybody faces those kinds of problem almost everyday and so I should absorb it like other people.
However, I`m still neglect my responsibility. I usually get pressure when I face the real world.

Maybe I will work until late tonight to research the information and write the articles.

My friend teased me saying that "You must cried again! Right?" when he listened to my voice when he called me just right before(Okay, I`m a vulnerable crybaby). He assumed it because my voice was not bubbly and talkative as

Okay, I have to go now.