Regional Dialect

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Sep 15, 2012 01:51
Usually Korean people think that the Busan dialect is really funny.

Some young people including me try not to speak in the way of the regional dialect when they hang out with people from other cities, especially when they don`t know where I come from. Of course I`m very proud of everything in my hometown but I try not to use the regional dialect when I hang out people from other cities and there is no one from my hometown but me. I don`t know why I do like that ^^;;;;;

On the contrary, my attitude changes when I talk with my friends living in my hometown or people from my hometown.
The worse thing is that the way of my speaking is actually quite tough when I talk with people from my hometown. My close friends sometimes tease me calling "asumma(아줌마)" or "strong young man(장정)" since my accent is broad. Moreover, I usually use slang words or offensive language when I meet up my friend, especially guy friends from my hometown.

A couple of years ago, when I was in Vancouver, one day, one of my classmates visited me. She was from Ulsan near my hometown, which meant she also spoke in same dialect with me.
Although I had never spoken in the Busan dialect in Vancouver before she came to my place, I changed my accent and intonation at the moment.

My roommate, Korean girl, was totally shocked because she didn`t know where I was from and she have never thought I was very fluent in the regional dialect, according to her comment. My roommate didn`t know it at all that I spoke quite tough in Korean because I tried not to speak the regional dialect. Beside, believe or not, my voice was quite....pretty. (Sorry;;;)
My roommate asked me with loud voice "Who are you?!!!" while I talked with my classmate.

I just have reminded my old funny memory while I was reading someone else`s journal regarding regional dialect in Korean.

There are some funny examples way to speaking in the Busan dialect as follows.

절마 뭐라카노?(Busan dialect) meaning to 저 사람 대체 뭐라고 말하는 거니? (=What the deuce is he saying?")

가가 가가가? (Busan dialect) meaning to 그 사람 성이 가씨 성이야? (=Is his surname "가(Gha)"?)

I hope some one can understand these expressions. ^^;;;

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