Working As an Exhibitor And Humiliation

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Sep 12, 2012 18:40
Last Saturday, there was an IT exhibition in my hometown. I worked in a booth as an exhibitor since my friend asked me to have the temporary job.

In the booth, there were three kinds of contents regarding caption systems such as Closed Captioning, sign language service, and Descriptive Video Service, which could help the disabled comprehend TV programs. My role was about explaining the contents and the purpose of the business. There were also stenographers to demonstrate the process of Closed Captioning on the TV screen.

There were many people who visited the exhibit and the audience also visited my booth having interests in CC(Closed Captioning).

Working as an exhibitor was not a difficult job for me. I worked happily as an exhibitor to help audiences.... until Indian TV reporters came to my booth and asked for an interview.

Although there was a translator who assisted the Indian reporters to cover the interview, she seemed not to know the proper terms such as CC (Closed Captioning) and DVS(Descriptive Video Service), which means I had had to give explanations in English if I could!

Unfortunately, I didn`t prepare it in advance. I should have thought on my feet and then given a presentation for them but I was totally off guard at the moment. I had no ideas how I cope with the situation.

My friend who was in charge of the booth read my face at the moment and he refused the request for the interview.

I was humiliated because I didn`t say anything when they asked for the interview. I didn`t even try to explain. I have studied English for a couple of years and had interest in English though.

I researched English web sites on closed captioning system after I came back home.
Wikipedia presented CC(Closed Captioning)with reliable information.
I thought I could do better next time given a chance.

I should study English seriously because I haven`t studied it for a while.