A Bottle Of Cheapy Wine

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Sep 5, 2012 23:29
I was supposed to meet up my friend tonight however I didn`t because my friend was quite busy to complete his work.
Of course he said sorry but I felt something not enough.

I went to a hair salon to have cut my hair, more precisely, to release my unfulfilled promise.
Actually, I should go to the hair salon because I haven`t gone there since I got a perm a couple of month ago.

As a result, I didn`t satisfy with my new hair cut.
Grumbling my new hair cut, I was browsing around the shop and then I went to a
grocery store near the hair salon (luckily, you can buy alcohol beverages in the grocery stores in Korea. Beside it, you don`t need to present your passport or ID card to inform you are adult).

There was a wine section and some wines are on sale at the moment. I bought a bottle of cheapy wine because it was a Merlot wine. I like Merlot wine due to the taste.
I`m not good at wine but I like Merlot wine.
It`s not quite heavy but not too light either. It`s not sweet but it`s not acetic.

I drank the wine after I came back home while I was taking a English class via Skype (BTW, I have speaking class every night).
I turned off my web camera. I didn`t want for my teacher to realize the funny situation.

After the class I was surprised because I drank almost of a bottle of wine!
I have to wake up at least 7:00 in the morning tomorrow to go to the workplace.

Why I bought the wine? I think it`s because of my terrible hair cut.
Or, because the wine was on sale at the moment.
Or....it`s just because my friend stood me up.