My Best Friend ^^*

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Jun 20, 2012 00:38
I got a message via the 'Kakao Talk' when I was hanging up my friend, which was
from my another best friend from Japan.
I was really glad to get the message from him.

I wasn`t sure if he will visit to Korea to meet me up during his vacation, but
I forced my Korean friend who was hanging up with me at the time, saying like that "You must drive instead of me when my friend from Japan comes to Korea. Got it?!!!!"

He complained saying that he will not drive instead of me.`s definitely useless because I know him, at least he will try to help me.

I`m not a social person. I know. All of my friends always mock me. However, I also know I`m quite lucky because I have good friends who always like to help me or support me whatever I want to.

Eventually he got a word saying that he will hang up with my friend from Japan, and he will drive a car when he should do. Heeheehee...

I really miss my friend in Japan who used to be hanging up with me every Thursday when he lived in Korea.
He was my best friend.

So...just come to Korea. Okay?

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