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Jun 8, 2012 23:23
I`m going to meet up my friend tomorrow.
We will go to the theater.

Actually, I wanted to watch was "MIB3", however my friend suggested to see other
ones. The movies she suggested were Korean movies; "The Taste of Money", "The Concubine". I chose "The Concubine" because I don`t like the director of the the other movie.

In my case, I choose movies depending on directors. The director of the movie titled " The Concubine" is totally talented. I like his previous movies such as "Blood Rain", "Bungee Jumping Of Their Own", and "Traces Of Love". Especially, "Blood Rain" is my favorite. I have watched this movie several times. It is wonderful.

The movie I`m going to watch tomorrow, "Royal Concubine" is actually not my style because most parts of this movie are about sexual issues even though the point of the movie is more about politics and more about power.
I don`t like sexual topics. But, this time, I decided to believe the director.

My friend was giggled when she suggested these movies. She also knew the topics of the movies were quite sexual things. ^^;;;